Elevate event presentations with EventGlide Pro – a premium slider plugin designed for 'The Events Calendar'. Seamlessly showcase your events in a captivating carousel, combining elegance with interactivity for an unforgettable user experience.
eventglide pro
EventGlide Pro is a feature-rich WordPress plugin designed to enhance The Events Calendar. It offers various themes and customization options to create dynamic event sliders with both light and dark modes. Here's an overview of its key features.
EventGlide Pro appears to be a versatile and user-friendly plugin for showcasing events in an engaging and interactive way. It provides users with the ability to tailor the appearance of event sliders to their website's design, making it a valuable tool for event management and promotion on WordPress websites.
EventGlide Pro provides 6 different slider themes:
  • Date on Top
  • Colored Card
  • Single Event
  • Image Middle
  • Detail Over Image
  • Flip Details on Hover
  • Details on Hover Scroll from Bottom
Light and Dark mode
Users can switch between light and dark modes, providing flexibility for different website designs and user preferences.
Customization Options
  • Color Choosing: Users can customize the colors of the slider elements, allowing for seamless integration with the website's design.
  • Font Type: Choose from a selection of font types to match the overall style.
  • Font Size: Adjust the font size for better readability.
Slider Settings
  • Dots: Enable or disable navigation dots to indicate the number of slides.
  • Auto Start: Choose whether the slider should start automatically, cycling through events.
  • Countdown Timer: Attach a countdown timer to each event slider, creating a sense of urgency for upcoming events.
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